Pattieboop's Story

Pattieboop is an 11 year old girl who is very opinionated. She was created by Pattie Gomez on September 7, 2009. Pattieboop is an average 11 year old and she loves dressing up. She is very petite in nature but stands tall because her mother always told her that “If you stand tall you will one day become someone important”. Pattieboop always remembers her mother’s words and makes sure she is noticed.
Pattieboop has a favorite pet named Allie. Allie is a slender black cat and loves playing and spending time with Pattieboop. Allie spends most of her days napping and her nights are spent getting in to mischief… Allie loves to act with Pattieboop and you will see them in some very funny situations. Sometimes they make me, Pattie Gomez laugh while I am drawing them.


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

What a lovely story about Pattieboop and Allie, almost makes them human :)

Pumpy said...

Lovely, I am sure they sure get up to some fun. xx

Pattie G said...

I am Pattieboop and I have not created many more images of her in a a few years. I am trying to imagine her after so many years but I loose her image and I don't want to do that. I will keep her and Allie in a never grow up stage for now. This is December 2020